Bag Shape Houses

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Installation shot by Ivan Murzin

I’d be the first to admit that this sounds like one of those internet horror storys that always happen to a friend of a friend of a friend of… The person that told me says it was her sister.

The sister has a pet python which stopped eating so the sister took him to the vet who could find nothing wrong. He wasn’t worried and explained that snakes like this can go quite some time without eating and keep a close eye on it and if it still wasn’t eating. If it keeps fasting she could come again. 

So Tuesday of this week she goes back to the vet who can still find nothing wrong and asks if there has been any unusual behavour. She says no. The only thing odd was that a couple of night ago she woke up to find the snake on the bed beside her. She just picked him up and put him back in his tank. Wondering if the snake was seeking warmth he asks if it was curled up on the bed.

The girl says “No, that’s what was odd. He was lying straight, up and down the bed.”

“Oh.” says the vet. “I’m afraid he’ll have to be put down.”

“Why? What’s wrong with him?” my friend’s sister asks.

“There’s nothing wrong with him.” The vet says.

“He’s just starving himself in preparation for a big meal. It’s perfectly normal.”

Confused she asks why he has to be put down.

“That night, on the bed.”


“He was measuring you!״

Bag Shape Houses

Insulation, drawings on paper and mini booklet. 

Roof tiles steel,steel 330X40cm, Plastic tube, Styrofoam 330X 65cm, Pencil drawing on wall 20X20cm. 


Pen drawing on paper 20X20cm. 

Mini booklet hand out,  A7, 32p.