Bags & Bugs


Documentation from Sincere Intentions, Robert Grunenberg Gallery, Berlin

Documentaion by Nick Ash

Encapsulated in pattern-infused, custom made frames, Nadia Perlov’s house-bugs function as an architectural specimen collection. Much like biological specimens, they call for contemplation and investigation, while always carrying with them, silently, the violence of their own capture. Fold after fold, these house shapes unpack and reposition thoughts of space as such and of how architecture tends to occupy it, turning and planning it into designated, controlled places. A house folds open, spreading, becomes a bug, carrying its house with it, its scales are its walls, spreading, sprawling, and reproducing. Then, to the mesmerizing beat of the looping video, it folds once again, this time - into a purse, a bag. A container to carry, a symbol of status. Covered (housed) in the most glamorous patterns and feathers, these bags are sure to find a suitable mate or help their carrier to do so. Skilfully dancing their mating dance, the distance between the bugs, the houses, and the bags begin to melt, blur and glitch into a whirlpool of a möbius-like waltz of power, property, provinciality, and parody.

Text by Ben Livne - Weitzman 

The Mayor, 2020

Fabric, Paper, Wood, Plexiglass


City Clown 2020

Fabric, Paper, Wood, Plexiglass1222x103x6cm 

Paty City 2020

Fabric, Paper, Wood, Plexiglass


Betterfly 2020

Fabric, Paper, Wood, Plexiglass


Installation shot by Ivan Murzin, view on Room H11 at  Rundgang Stadelschule 2020, with works by Johanna Odersky 

City Bug 

Collage, fabric, paper, acryl glass, and  wood



Country Bug

Collage, fabric, paper, acryl glass, and wood



Bags & Bugs 1, 2, 3

Sculptures on plinth, Fabric, cardboard, paper, and decorations


A neighbourhood, video animation 2:25min, 2020