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Photo by Ivan Murzin

The Video installation and performance EVERY ONE LOVE SONG was developed out of my interest in the remodelling of the diasporic Jew, the man of the book, studying the tora, shifting to the image of the man of land and agriculture. The Videodance deals with the glorification of the body in the dawning age of virtual reality, where mind and thought are turning more and more into disorientation and aggression, while the body disappears behind the virtual machinery.


 The work takes on the ancient narrative of the jewish golem, an animated anthropomorphic​ being, usually made from stone or clay. In the most famous legend about the golem, the Rabbi ​Judah Loew Ben Bezalel, ​creates a masculine alter ego, a superhero, to protect his community from pogroms​, in​ Prague of the ​late-16th-century​. This motif of the golem, in form of a protector or a worrior turned into an icon and later became popular in comic books and computer games. Recently, the golem turned out to be a fitting metaphor for the development of todays androids and artificial intelligence.


video: 6:47minutes, performance: 20min. 


pass: every one love song


Jonathan Fitoussi & Clemens Hourrier - Aurore Boreale


March 2016 -​ EVERY ONE LOVE SONG, Group show 'Demonstration' at 'AZA13', New Art Center at Ankori Studio, Jaffa Tel - Aviv, Israel.
February 2016 - ​EVERY ONE LOVE SONG Rundgang show at Städelschule, Frankfurt, Germany.